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Looking for a new sports anime to watch, or you wanna revisit an old favourite?

We've invited 35 artists and writers to review their favourite sports anime. This zine is by no means an encyclopaedia, but a collection of favourites, so you may see some stories being someone's favourite more than once or thrice. But it is interesting to see, is it not, the way someone likes something for different reasons?

The zine includes a blank page at the end where you can write your own review!

JIS B5 size (182 x 257 mm).
42 pages.
2C risograph with perfect binding.
Printed in Hong Kong by flip & roll press.
Published by The Pickled Paper.

Participating guests: Andy | Arielle | Aster Hung | beluga | Corkey Sinks | cranity | Cynthia Yuan Cheng | Deads | dunatdan | easyeasyrol | fivedollars | gesuko | Jem Milton | Jokerita | Kaze | Kenneth | Kogawa | Leoppipi |May | Maya Schmidt | mindiiw | Nanae Kawahara | nowai | oitama | pear bae | Pearl Law | polymorphin | Random Useless Doodles | roll | shrinpu | Sum Lok-kei | tetsai | Yiyu Lam | Yumeka Saito

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